Do you know that feeling when you come back home after a holiday and you ask yourself, why am I always so relaxed and happy during the holiday, but not at home?

And the second question, how can I get that holiday, that happy and care free feeling at home, too? Basically, how can I make the most of the holiday feeling?

Well, to begin with we need to be aware that the holiday feeling does not just come to us  during the two weeks away from home, but also includes the time before and after the holiday.

We look forward to our holiday and dream about it. We wait in anticipation for the day to come that we can turn off the work computer and head home for the first holiday G&T. Once we are back, we are day dreaming off the holiday and wish we were at that beach again.

The time before and after the holiday, if used properly, can add to our happiness and here are some ideas how to make the most of the holiday feeling.


Many people see the planning phase where you look up hotels, restaurant and sights as a chore. Mostly, because they rush through this phase and then do not enjoy it. However, we need to remember that we pick a destination because of a certain appeal such as weather, culture, food, lifestyle etc.

Therefore, dedicate some time searching for things to do, see and eat as this will create anticipation. Start thinking and dreaming about what you want to do well in advance. Once you look up destination videos, pictures and information you will automatically think of your holiday and start looking forward to it.


I always buy a few new items for a holiday as this makes me happy. I picture myself wearing that new coral nail polish for my beach holiday or wearing the new fancy dress for the formal cruise night. So look around the shops and make it a mission to buy something nice for yourself, treat yourself as you deserve it!

foto 4


All the ladies I know have a certain “get ready for the holiday” beauty routine. For most this includes things such as getting your nails and hair done, getting your skin nourished and soft, putting on a face mask and so on.

Again, most of us (including me) leave this last minute and instead of this being an enjoyable and relaxing activity, it becomes a hassle to fit in or even to get a last minute manicure appointment. A good advice is to schedule appointments early in advance and designate an entire day for your beauty day so you can make the most of it.


I normally start packing for a trip at least one week in advance and not last minute. I hate last minute packing as it is stressful and normally you forget things. I write a packing list which normally does not vary too much from holiday to holiday so I always know what needs to go into my luggage.

Also, if you dedicate enough time for packing, it can be fun as you have enough time to mix and match your outfits and sometimes you even discover old items again. Spread clothes out on your bed so you can see them and maybe leave that old red dress at home that you have been wearing during the past two holidays and take a different one with you.


If you go to a foreign country and are actually interested in the language, why not learn it? Sign up to a language course. This way you will be able to communicate with the locals, which they always appreciate and you will learn a new skill. Why not take a friend or your partner with you so you have support and make it a weekly get together?


Certain tunes just make us think about the last beach holiday we had, the time we went out with the girls for a weekend break or the relaxing wellness retreat we were able to enjoy. You get the idea. So play that music and you will instantaneously feel a happiness boost, I promise. Every time I listen to Spanish music I think of summer, good vibes, dancing and Pina Colada šŸ™‚

sandals 2


Maybe this does not work for everyone, but it certainly works for me. I associate certain smells with emotions, memories and of course holidays. I have some perfumes that make me think of the beach and its clear blue waters or times in front of a fireplace cuddled up in a blanket with a cup of tea.

Perfumes, body sprays and mists are great for on the go. At home you can try room sprays or diffusers to fill your home with great fragrances.


I absolutely enjoy the times when I am looking for something and all of a sudden come across old holiday pictures that I find in a box. I always start looking at them again and reminiscent. This takes me back in time and I start to feel more calm and think of all the good memories I am going to make during my next holiday.


Bringing back souvenirs from holiday can always brighten up your home. Display those lovely items and when you look at them you will automatically think of the nice trip you had. Or make it a thing to collect specific items such as fridge magnets from every holiday. This way you will be reminded of your past trips first thing in the morning when you try to get the milk for your morning coffee.

Also, you can go for a particular theme at home to get into the holiday mood. I am a sun lover and therefore like the beach look. Choose palm trees, yuccas or tropical plants for your home to get that summer feeling. For the walls, I recommend beach pictures with the sun set or some sun launch chairs. Those will add to your room and mixing up the pillows on your sofa with some new and colourful patterns will complete the look.

Simple and easy changes can make a big difference.

foto 3

10. FOOD

This is something you can do easily before and after the holiday. Buy a cookbook or look up recipes online to try that are in line with the destination and food culture you are going to visit or have visited. Anyone fancy a Spanish Paella?

Bringing back treats from your holiday is great as well. This can be something that you have tried during your trip or maybe something you want to try. Ingredients for dishes such as spices are great, too.


I am a tea lover and brought pack a Japanese style tea container with green tea when I went to Japan years ago. I placed this item on my desk in the office and I use it every day. Every time I make a brew I automatically think of Japan and all the amazing food I had during that trip. An instant and simple mood lifter strategy!


I collect photos, entry tickets, brochures, stickers and all sorts of weird and wonderful things from my holidays. I enjoy opening up a scrapbook from an old holiday and not just looking at the pictures, but looking at all those quirky items that I collected and that I associate with that particular holiday for instance those brochures that you collect from the Days Inn Lobby while you are on a road trip in the US or the cruise card from your first ever cruise.

A scrapbook is not just for collecting pictures and items, but creating a scrapbook can be very therapeutic and a lot of fun. While you create it you will surely start to think of those special moments again.


The best remedy to get over the holiday blues is to have another holiday lined up that you can look forward to. So book your next trip!

What do you do to extend that holiday feeling?


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