Summer just keeps on coming and I love it!

I always enjoyed being outside, catching the sun and sipping away on an iced cold drink , preferably a Mojito, while reading a book or just relaxing.

But when I go out to the park or on holiday to the pool, I always take a few items with me in my beach bag that I cannot go without.



When I was a little girl I suffered from a heat stroke one time while on holiday. It was awful. My eyes were swollen and my face was puffed up. I had to stay in bed for one week during the holiday as I also had all the symptoms that come with it such as headache, dizziness, feeling sick and a body temperature above 38C.

Since this incident I always carry some form of hat with me to cover my head and avoid getting ill.

Many people do not like wearing hats for reasons such as they are too hot or they do not look good. However, it is not worth risking a brilliant holiday just for looks.

There are so many pretty and convenient alternatives to normal hats nowadays such as wide-brimmed straw hats, pretty colored turbans and many more so there is a style for everyone to feel comfortable and look stylish.



Of course, everyone takes sun glasses with them and I am no exception.

I put my pair on mostly when I am reading a book or magazine as the sun makes my eyes watery or makes me sneeze or squint.

But beware of panda eyes. If you wear them all the time you get white marks around your eyes and no one wants that.



The ABC of summer. I always take sunscreen with me as my skin burns very easily around my shoulders and especially my face.

Again, I learned the hard way when I was on holiday in Los Angeles a few years ago. My boyfriend wanted to wait to buy sunscreen when we were at the destination.

The sun was so strong and hot that we got burned the very first day before we could even find any! For the rest of the holiday our shoulders were hurting and our faces were burning constantly. We were wearing backpacks as well … OUCH!


water 2

Our body consist of around 70% of water +/- and in the summer due to the heat and sweating we get dehydrated easily which can cause headaches and dizziness.

Therefore, I have some water, iced tea or by the pool a cocktail AND some water with me.

I do enjoy a nice drink, but alcohol in the sun on its own can be dangerous. First of all you get dehydrated faster and you are more inclined to do something stupid that can cause serious harm.

Therefore, I take a sip of water in between to make sure I balance my drinks out and have a holiday to remember!



I have a beach wrap that I take on every holiday. Due to its size it can be used in multiple ways and can serve different purposes.

Sometimes I wear it to cover my shoulders when I am in the sun or transform it into a sun hat. By the pool I mostly use it as a dress or skirt.

A beach wrap is so versatile it is perfect for every occasion on holiday.

At night for instance it can be used as a scarf or just thrown over the shoulders for some extra coverage and warmth for windy nights.



I use a watch of course first of all to check what time it is, especially when I am on a cruise.

There are many activities usually that I want to see or participate in so I need to know when I should get ready.

The other reason I take a watch with me is to monitor how long I have been sunbathing on one side. I do not want to be tan or red/burnt on one side and white on the other.

So in order to get an even tan I turn around every 15 – 30 min, also mostly I am cooking on one side so it is time to turn around anyways.


things to do

I am one of those people that do want to just be lazy and relax on a sun lounge chair, but I cannot. I get easily board just laying around thus I need something that keeps me busy.

I mostly take a book or magazine with me. Sometimes I also take my Nintendo DS or even knitting needles and yarn to keep my hands busy.

I am a big fan of creating things yourself and I find it very therapeutic and relaxing at the same time. So while I am getting my summer glow I additionally keep my brain active.


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